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Cruiser Commander

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Attention! Every pilot who finds an eject pod of a navy ship must tractor it and bring to the nearest police or military base. Pilots who refuse to give out navy pilots when scanned will be treated as criminals.


BPA Newgate$500,000ManchesterBretonia PoliceC5
Ronneburg Base$450,000Omega-5Red HessiansF4
Carrier Alvin Katz$450,000Omega-47Coalition MilitaryE2 (3k above plane)
Lagos Depot$450,000Sigma-13CorsairsF6
Casablanca Base$450,000Omega-47CorsairsE6
Battleship Delos$450,000Omicron XiCorsairsD4
Pacifica Base$450,000BeringUnionersC5
Guard Station$50,000BastilleThe AdminsH8
Battleship Missouri$375,000New YorkLiberty NavyF5
Battleship Mississippi$375,000TexasLiberty NavyF4
Battleship Gettysburg$375,000New LondonLiberty NavyD6
Battleship Alma$375,000CaliforniaLiberty NavyC4
Fort Severn$500,000OntarioLiberty Police, Inc.F1 (10k above plane)
Planet New Berlin$400,000New BerlinRheinland PoliceF5
Kreuzberg Depot$450,000New BerlinJunkersC4
Kaiserslautern Depot$450,000New BerlinBundschuhC6
Cruiser Greifswald$450,000Omega-3GaiansB5 (2k above plane)
Bruchsal Base$450,000FrankfurtBundschuhF3
Vogtland Base$450,000DresdenRed HessiansD3
Leipheim Base$450,000MunichUnionersD2
Eltmann Moor$450,000MunichBundschuhA7
Cruiser Schwarzwald$450,000Omega-54UnionersB2 (6k above plane)
Krefeld Base$450,000CologneUnionersE3
Tennstedt Base$450,000ThuringiaBundschuhC2
Mecklenburg Station$400,000Sigma-15Rheinland MilitaryB6 (2k above plane)