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Military Vehicles

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People never fight for space, they fight for land. However important space combat may be, it is also important to have formidable land defense and attack units. Those units are generally known as military vehicles, which include tanks, armored cars, robotic walkers and other sophisticated vehicles designed for killing and destruction. While Rheinland dominated the market in war machines for decades, recently Liberty has developed their own versions which are easier to build and repair due to extensive use of interchangeable parts.


Planet New London$11,004New LondonBretonia PoliceD6
Planet Cambridge$12,212CambridgeBretonia PoliceD6
Planet Leeds$7,572LeedsGallic Royal NavyE6
Planet Leeds, Resistance Base$15,903LeedsBretonia Armed ForcesE6
Providence Station$13,699EdinburghBretonian PrivateersB2
Planet Sprague$14,382Omega-3Bretonia PoliceD6
Planet Harris$12,410Tau-31EFL Oil & MachineryB4
Planet Tomioka, Blood Dragon Outpost$33,042Planet TomiokaBlood DragonsE5 (-2k below plane)
Planet Toulouse$15,146RoussillonThe CouncilD4
Caussade Depot$15,930RoussillonThe MaquisF5
Alabama Shipyard$20,102Omicron RhoThe CoreC5
Planet Gran Canaria$15,895Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE4
Limoux Base$16,099LanguedocThe MaquisD6
Grenoble Depot$18,481DauphineThe MaquisD3
Macon Base$19,363BurgundyThe CouncilH5
Planet Marne$20,955ChampagneGallic BrigandsF6
Mazagran Depot$20,874ChampagneThe MaquisD3
Reims Station$20,424ChampagneThe CouncilC5
Planet Marne$20,738ChampagneThe CouncilF6
Courville Wreck$20,741ChampagneThe CouncilA7
Montmirail Base$20,293ChampagneThe CouncilD7
Verdun Base$18,042LorraineThe MaquisB4
Avon Hideout$20,111Ile-de-FranceThe MaquisG6
Eplessier Depot$24,737PicardyThe MaquisD7
Planet Pittsburgh, Xeno Hideout$6,149New YorkXenosF2
Davos Base$21,313ZurichUnionersG4 (-15k below plane)
Lapalisse Depot$16,063Tau-53The MaquisD2
Monterrey Base$8,189VespucciHellfire LegionE2
Planet Manhattan$5,596New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Planet Los Angeles$4,585CaliforniaLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Planet California Minor$4,636CaliforniaPlanetform, Inc.E6
Planet Denver$5,396ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Planet Houston$6,947TexasLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Planet Erie$6,537PennsylvaniaLiberty Police, Inc.E4
Fort Severn$2,500OntarioLiberty Police, Inc.F1 (10k above plane)
Marshall Station$11,611BeringLiberty SeparatistsE7