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Fleet Admiral

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Attention! Every pilot who finds an eject pod of a navy ship must tractor it and bring to the nearest police or military base. Pilots who refuse to give out navy pilots when scanned will be treated as criminals.


Cape Wrath Base$1,300,000NewcastleOutcastsD2
Mull Base$1,300,000NewcastleMollysC5
Tayport Extension$1,300,000NewcastleCoalition MilitaryC5
Lagos Depot$1,300,000Sigma-13CorsairsF6
Cali Base$1,300,000Tau-23OutcastsF4
Ruiz Base$1,300,000Omicron BetaOutcastsE5
Battleship Fes$1,300,000Omega-47CorsairsC2
Mito Shipyards$1,300,000ChugokuBlood Dragon GuardB2
Planet Malta$1,500,000Omicron AlphaOutcastsD5
Planet Crete$1,500,000Omicron GammaCorsairsE5
Skiros Station$1,300,000Omicron GammaCorsairsD3
Leiden Base$1,300,000GalileoLane HackersB2
Padua Base$1,300,000GalileoLiberty RoguesC6
Guard Station$100,000BastilleThe AdminsH8
Planet New Tokyo$1,000,000New TokyoKusari State PoliceD6
Kabukicho Depot$1,300,000New TokyoHogoshaC5
Kagoshima Depot$1,300,000KyushuFarmers AllianceG4
Ainu Depot$1,300,000HokkaidoGolden ChrysanthemumsC5
Kyoto Base$1,300,000ChugokuBlood DragonsD4
Heaven's Gate$1,500,000TohokuWildD4 (1k above plane)