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Jumphole Generator Parts

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Note: Dangerous cargo. Ships hauling this item can be treated as combat targets by any Non-Generic ID

The first documented use of the so called "Jumphole Generator" was performed by the Maltese in Sigma 19 - forcing a connection between it and the Colorado System in Liberty. It is still unknown whether or not there are any immediate dangers in activating the device and the only thing that scientists know for certain at this point is that the device should be used at one's own risk.

Considered as "Highly Advanced Technology" on par with jumpdrives and cloak-fields, the blueprints for these generators are available on the Neural Net. The issue in building one, however, stems from the wide variety of parts and components - including those of Alien origin. The latter alone makes these items contraband in House space by default.

OORP information starts here.

You have found a part of an event commodity. You must obtain a total of 10 of these parts to create the item itself. Once you have done so, please PM Sindroms on the forum for more information in how to activate the item and create the jumphole.