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Thanks for downloading and installing the Discovery Freelancer modification. This mod's purpose is to expand the Freelancer universe without spoiling its original atmosphere. We have not changed every aspect of Freelancer that could possibly be changed, as it is not our intention to create a total conversion mod. Even though a list of new Discovery features is huge - and growing with each new release - all modifications are integrated into the familiar Freelancer world.

The year is 820 After Settlement (AS), 19 years after the single-player campaign of Freelancer, and two years after the events of Discovery 4.86. The Sirius sector is still embroiled in one major war, while other smaller conflicts are approaching critical instability in other areas. Bretonia has been forced to retreat from the GRN onslaught, and Leeds is now under the total control of Gallia. The GRN's seemingly unstoppable advance has overflowed into other systems, and even now their scouts encroach upon the Independent Worlds that connect Bretonia to Liberty. However, in response to Gallia's increasing threat, Liberty is diverting some of its own naval squadrons to the region in order to slow the hostile advance and protect the key shipping lines between the two Houses. This is only becoming possible due to drastic action by Rheinland, in which they severed the Jump Gates to the Hamburg system in order to halt further Libertonian attacks. While these two Houses are still technically at war, the scale of the conflict has been greatly reduced.

However, despite facing less aggression from Liberty, the choice to focus its attention on that war front in previous years has had dire consequences behind the lines. The Red Hessian movement has run rampant over the Dresden system, claiming most of it for themselves. Meanwhile, a mysterious disaster in the Munich system is causing thousands to flee the settlements there, and investigations are still continuing.

Having been defeated by Gallia in the field of battle, the newly-reformed Republican government of Kusari has opened its borders for economic exchange. Their intention is to reinforce their not insignificant infrastructure with new technologies introduced by Gallic Corporations. However, all may not go to plan, as there is increasing civilian unrest driven by supporters of the exiled Imperial family who would see them returned to the throne. Soon the Kusari Exile fleet will be returning home, and it will not be quiet.

Discovery version 4.87 is focussed on improving and updating much of the content added in previous version, with greater diversity of equipment available for different ship classes. Many new commodities throughout Sirius offer exciting opportunities for profit through various lawful and unlawful trade routes. NPCs are now fewer, but more challenging to defeat. There are many more changes, additions and enhancements introduced in Discovery, see the Readme.txt for a full list. The modification is tested to make each release as bug-free as possible, but should you encounter any issues, please contact us on the official forums to help resolve them.

Discovery is playable both in multiplayer and single-player game modes. The original SP has been disabled as it is no longer compatible with the mod, and thus "Open SP" is enabled. In multiplayer, you may play on Discovery RP 24/7 official server, as well as on many other servers running Discovery mod.

If you are playing on one of the official servers, don't forget to visit http://www.discoverygc.com for additional information and server rules. It is strongly recommended that you read the server rules before playing. Our community is welcoming to newcomers, and you can receive help for whatever problems you may encounter. Please take note of any messages being displayed while you are playing: they contain some of the important information you should know. There is also an item containing the core principles of our rules in your character's cargo hold that you receive when your character was first created.

We hope you will enjoy every moment playing Discovery. Good luck out there!

Please see the Readme.txt for a list of mod Developers and other contributors. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this achievement possible!


Planet New London$100New LondonBretonia PoliceD6
Guard Station$100BastilleThe AdminsH8
Planet New Tokyo$100New TokyoKusari State PoliceD6
Planet Manhattan$100New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Planet New Berlin$100New BerlinRheinland PoliceF5