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High Performance Alloy

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High Performance Alloys used in space stations and vessels are designed to withstand very high temperatures resulting from impacting weapons fire, explosions, and burning fuel. In critical scenarios, commanders have to rely on the structural integrity of their station or craft as their final line of defense against the certain death of a massive hull breach.


Kensington Shipping Platform$300New LondonGateway ShippingF4
Glasgow Outpost$300LeedsIDF ShippingF2
Scarborough Station$300NewcastleBorder World ExportsC3
Skye Base$300NewcastleGaiansD7
Alesia Station$300BurgundyGallic Metal ServiceD2
Montbard Base$300BurgundyGallic BrigandsB5
Macon Base$300BurgundyThe CouncilH5