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Gaian Wildlife

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A paradise of nature the likes of which has never been found elsewhere in Sirius, planet Gaia has been declared off-limits by the Bretonian government to all except the occasional scientist from the Cambridge Research Institute. However, many of the native flora and fauna are reputed to be natural aphrodisiacs and are also rare delicacies, leading to widespread poaching that the authorities are finding difficult to control. Planetform is rumored to be attempting to introduce certain species from Gaia into the ecosystems of planets that they are terraforming, although the company denies these rumors. The transportation of wildlife from planet Gaia is illegal in Bretonia, yet there are many willing to take the chance in order to reap the potential profits.


Canterbury Station$4,433New LondonPlanetform, Inc.F4
Torshavn Space Port$6,689CambridgeGaiansF6
Atka Research Station$16,436Sigma-17Cryer PharmaceuticalsC3
Planet Harris$1,000Tau-31EFL Oil & MachineryB4
Durban Station$19,643Omicron RhoThe CoreF7
Planet Gammu$20,265Omicron KappaGammu Artificial IntelligenceB7
Planet Nevers$10,795BurgundyGallic Royal PoliceF3
Planet Crete$10,478Omicron GammaCorsairsE5
Ames Research Station$8,032KeplerZonersD4
Planet New Tokyo$9,567New TokyoKusari State PoliceD6
Kabukicho Depot$5,816New TokyoHogoshaC5
Aomori Station$13,291HonshuGas Miners GuildG4
Sendai Research Complex$8,755OkinawaBlood DragonsE1
Planet Miura$8,552OkinawaGas Miners GuildD5
Planet Manhattan$11,119New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Planet California Minor$8,453CaliforniaPlanetform, Inc.E6
Planet Denver$13,420ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Bethlehem Station$7,491PennsylvaniaZonersE2
Planet Erie$7,537PennsylvaniaLiberty Police, Inc.E4
Planet New Berlin$17,836New BerlinRheinland PoliceF5
Planet Stuttgart$15,091StuttgartRheinland PoliceE3
Augsburg Wreck$10,890MunichJunkersA4