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Whether fleeing from prosecution under civil or criminal law, or evading capture due to belonging to an outlawed group, Fugitives are subject to summary arrest by the legal authorities. The mass exodus from Gallia by members of The Council is opposed by The Crown, which wants to prevent The Council from establishing another base of operations with a massed population outside Gallia that could relaunch a civil war in the future.


Freeport 6$1,000Tau-29ZonersD6
Planet Toulouse$3,555RoussillonThe CouncilD4
Freeport 10$1,000Tau-37ZonersF4
Planet Gran Canaria$4,284Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE4
Grenoble Depot$1,824DauphineThe MaquisD3
Macon Base$1,485BurgundyThe CouncilH5
Planet Marne$1,346ChampagneThe CouncilF6
Avon Hideout$1,479Ile-de-FranceThe MaquisG6
Eplessier Depot$500PicardyThe MaquisD7
Planet Pittsburgh$4,634New YorkDeep Space EngineeringF2
Planet Houston$4,001TexasLiberty Police, Inc.F4