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Farmers Alliance Pilot

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All pirate spaceships are equipped with standard eject mechanisms. When a pirate loses a fight, the pilot automatically ejects right before the ship explodes. Then, the winner might pick up the unlucky foe - or let him or her die in open space. Pirates will pay good money to get their captured brethren back, but bounty hunters may pay even more.


Battleship Nagasaki$10,000HonshuKusari Naval ForcesD6
Gas Miner Naha$10,000Sigma-13Gas Miners GuildD4
Helgoland Station$10,000Sigma-13Gas Miners GuildD6
Luxury Liner Hawaii$10,000Sigma-19Orbital Spa and CruiseE6
Gas Miner Ogashawa$10,000Sigma-19Gas Miners GuildC5
Java Station$10,000Tau-23IMG (Gallic Occupation)E3
Nobeoka Platform$10,000Sigma-59Bounty Hunters GuildG5
Dagger Outpost$20,000Omega-55The CoreE6
Falkland Base$10,000Tau-37Independent Miners GuildC6
Planet Malta$15,000Omicron AlphaOutcastsD5
Planet New Tokyo$10,000New TokyoKusari State PoliceD6
Narita Outpost$10,000New TokyoKusari State PoliceF4
Fuchu Prison$15,000ShikokuKusari State PoliceG6
Battleship Myoko$10,000ShikokuKusari Naval ForcesF6
Deshima Station$10,000ShikokuBounty Hunters GuildE6
Planet Junyo$10,000ShikokuSamura IndustriesF4
Ohashi Border Station$10,000ShikokuKusari State PoliceE2
Planet Kyushu$10,000KyushuKusari State PoliceF3
Battleship Nagumo$10,000???Kusari Naval ForcesH1 (-1k below plane)
Planet Honshu$10,000HonshuKusari State PoliceF3
Kansai Research Station$10,000HonshuKusari Naval ForcesC3
Aomori Station$10,000HonshuGas Miners GuildG4
Akita Border Station$10,000HonshuKusari State PoliceF6
Battleship Matsumoto$10,000HokkaidoKusari Naval ForcesD3
Otaru Border Station$10,000HokkaidoKusari State PoliceD3
Sapporo Station$10,000HokkaidoSamura IndustriesE6
Fujisawa Mining Facility$10,000OkinawaGas Miners GuildG4
Planet Miura$10,000OkinawaGas Miners GuildD5