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DT Fuel

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DT-fuel is a mixture consisting of an equal proportion of hydrogen isotopes, deuterium, and tritium. It is primarily used in fusion reactors to produce energy. With some technical effort, it can also serve as propulsion medium in the fusion engines of space craft. Because of its technical requirements, DT based engines are not very common, and customers are therefore rather rare. So far, the Buro der Marineintelligenz has shown the greatest interest in purchasing large amounts of DT Fuel, which turned out to be an attractive alternative to conventional H-fuel in long-term operations such as deep space recon.

DT-fuel is currently being produced by Kruger Minerals, which is hoping to dominate the Rheinland market in the near future, and displace its competition, The Gas Miners Guild, in order to become independent of H-fuel supplies from Kusari. But these plans still lack technical practicality and support from the Rheinland government, and the Rheinland Military is trying to prevent the open sale of DT Fuel. They deem the risk of illegal purchases by criminal elements to be too high, since they could use the ingredient tritium to build up an arsenal of deadly explosives. Hence, DT Fuel stocks are always monitored meticulously to ensure none of the exports reach the black market.


Sheffield Station$3,216ManchesterBounty Hunters GuildF4
Elbich Mining Facility$1,750Omega-7Kruger MineralsE3
Tholey Station$1,654CologneBounty Hunters GuildC5
Nobeoka Platform$1,804Sigma-59Bounty Hunters GuildG5
Alabama Shipyard$1,347Omicron RhoThe CoreC5
Hammersee$1,000Sigma-15Rheinland PoliceB6 (-2k below plane)
Yokohama Shipyard$1,865New TokyoSamura IndustriesE3
Deshima Station$2,211ShikokuBounty Hunters GuildE6
Mannheim Station$419FrankfurtKruger MineralsC6
Schatten Research Facility$991FrankfurtMNDB2
Bautzen Station$1,085DresdenBundschuhF4
Planet Nuremberg$1,235MunichRheinland PoliceG2
Wuppertal Refinery$1,487CologneALG Waste DisposalE5
Fort Sommerda$1,253ThuringiaRheinland Military GuardF4
Mecklenburg Station$1,040Sigma-15Rheinland MilitaryB6 (2k above plane)
Elbe Station$1,602Omega-7Rheinland PoliceD5
Yaren Base$1,724Omicron DeltaThe CoreF6