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A recent discovery on the fringes of known space, cryo-organisms are the genetic cousins to the already known organisms that are highly prevalent in the Omicrons. Like their cousins they are immensely useful to the growth and long-term sustainability of crops, and still metabolize in ways beneficial to common terraforming practices (albeit marginally less quickly.)

Where these "cryos", as they have come to be called, differ is in their means of producing endothermic reactions. This allows them to far more tightly regulate the temperature of their surroundings, and under extremely specific and controlled conditions; could allow science teams to better control environmental temperatures on a much larger scale. A natural side effect of this ability is that the cryos, once frozen in ice by the cold vacuum of space, cryogenically freeze themselves and do their best to remain frozen, even once reintroduced to warmer conditions. This largely eliminates the major issues of temperature regulation that often leads to the deaths of multitudes of alien organisms in transit, as the cryos better maintain their own temperature by simply absorbing the heat of their surroundings and metabolising it internally.

These organisms thus far have only been found in the farthest reaches of space, far beyond the solar wind of any nearby stars and stored in the ice and dust of only a small handful of Oort cloud objects.