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Invitees to the Royal Court of Gallia, Courtiers represent the highest social strata of the Gallic nation, comprised of nobles, generals, entrepreneurs and assorted hangers-on.

To be at attendance in the Court is a highly desirable position, and promotion within the wildly fluctuating group can be exceedingly rapid. Those with the favour of the current monarch can find themselves elevated to stations of authority and nobility far beyond their lineage. Once elevated, Courtiers begining spread their influence among the general populace, consolidating power for themselves and the reigning monarch as they travel between worlds and space stations.

Whether spies for the monarch or simply adventurous nobles, Gallic Courtiers see before themselves a galaxy of possibilities. To these adventurers, the current conflict opens a rich tableau of fortune and opportunity. Courtiers leave Galia, headed to foreign embassies, luxurious spas, or shady bars, to spy, plot, or conduct dangerous liaisons. Despite their sometimes dangerous lifestyles, the influx of Courtiers is almost constant.


Planet New London$1,000New LondonBretonia PoliceD6
Southampton Shipyard$1,000New LondonGallic Royal NavyD3
Waterloo Station$1,000New LondonInterspace CommerceD6
Planet Cambridge$1,000CambridgeBretonia PoliceD6
Planet Leeds$1,000LeedsGallic Royal NavyE6
Luxury Liner Shetland$1,000NewcastleOrbital Spa and CruiseD5 (1k above plane)
Planet Sprague$1,000Omega-3Bretonia PoliceD6
Freeport 1$1,000Omega-3ZonersC3
Luxury Liner Hawaii$1,000Sigma-19Orbital Spa and CruiseE6
Freeport 6$1,000Tau-29ZonersD6
Planet Harris$1,000Tau-31EFL Oil & MachineryB4
Planet Toulouse$1,000RoussillonThe CouncilD4
Niigata Star City$1,000Sigma-59Gas Miners GuildB4
Freeport 10$1,000Tau-37ZonersF4
Freeport 5$1,000Omega-41ZonersD3
Freeport 9$1,000Omicron ThetaZonersE4
Planet Gran Canaria$1,000Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE4
Planet Quillan$2,057LanguedocGallic Metal ServiceC5
Gap Station$1,627DauphineGallic Royal PoliceE5
Planet Nevers$1,000BurgundyGallic Royal PoliceF3
Dijon Station$1,000BurgundyGallic Royal PoliceF4
Planet Marne$1,000ChampagneGallic BrigandsF6
Planet Marne$1,000ChampagneThe CouncilF6
Chateau Salins Station$1,000LorraineGallic Royal NavyC5
Grand Vista Orbital$1,000Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE3 (3k above plane)
Freeport 8$1,000Sigma-15ZonersE5
Planet New Paris, Saint-Germain$1,000Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal PoliceE6
Versailles Residence$1,000Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal PoliceC4
Fontainebleau Residence$1,000Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal PoliceE6
Planet Orleans$1,000OrleanaisGallic Royal PoliceE3
Planet Blouis$1,000OrleanaisGallic Royal PoliceD6
Vendome Residence$1,000OrleanaisGallic Royal PoliceD6 (-2k below plane)
Planet Amiens$1,000PicardyGallic Royal PoliceE6
Saint-Quentin Space Colony$1,000PicardyThe CouncilF4
Planet Metz$1,000LorraineGallic Royal PoliceE3
Luxury Liner Belleville$1,000LorraineIDF ShippingF4
Vandoeuvres Space Colony$1,000LorraineGallic Royal PoliceD7
Luxury Liner Barbados$1,000VespucciOrbital Spa and CruiseD7 (3k above plane)
Oerlikon Stellar Observatory$2,171ZurichEFL Oil & MachineryB5 (10k above plane)
Planet Marseille$1,578ProvenceUnione CorseC3
Cannes Resort Station$1,770ProvenceUnione CorseF3
Luxury Liner Antibes$1,554ProvenceIDF ShippingC1
Planet Kurile$1,000Sigma-17Gas Miners GuildF5
Planet Malta$2,817Omicron AlphaOutcastsD5
Planet Crete$4,967Omicron GammaCorsairsE5
Freeport 2$1,000BeringIndependent PiratesF5
Planet Curacao$1,000CortezOrbital Spa and CruiseD3
Hammersee$1,000Sigma-15Rheinland PoliceB6 (-2k below plane)
Monterrey Base$1,000VespucciHellfire LegionE2
Shasta Orbital Skyhook$1,000BaffinZonersE3
Planet New Tokyo$3,224New TokyoKusari State PoliceD6
Yokohama Shipyard$1,000New TokyoSamura IndustriesE3
Roppongi Station$1,000New TokyoInterspace CommerceD6
Planet Junyo$1,000ShikokuSamura IndustriesF4
Planet Kyushu$1,000KyushuKusari State PoliceF3
Planet Honshu$1,000HonshuKusari State PoliceF3
Yukawa Shipyard$1,000HonshuKishiro TechnologiesC4
Planet Tomioka$1,000NaganoSamura IndustriesG5
Luxury Liner Mackinac$1,000New TokyoOrbital Spa and CruiseF6
Golden Dragon Casino$3,803ShikokuHogoshaE5
Planet Miura$1,000OkinawaGas Miners GuildD5
Furyoku Station$1,000OkinawaInterspace CommerceD5
Renzu Shipyards$1,000ShikokuInterspace CommerceF6
Planet Manhattan$1,000New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Planet Pittsburgh$1,000New YorkDeep Space EngineeringF2
Newark Station$1,000New YorkInterspace CommerceC4
Baltimore Shipyard$1,000New YorkDeep Space EngineeringE3
Planet Los Angeles$1,000CaliforniaLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Planet California Minor$1,000CaliforniaPlanetform, Inc.E6
Planet Denver$1,000ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Planet Houston$1,000TexasLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Freeport 14$1,000AlbertaZonersF7
Bethlehem Station$1,000PennsylvaniaZonersE2
Planet Erie$1,000PennsylvaniaLiberty Police, Inc.E4
Planet New Berlin$3,996New BerlinRheinland PoliceF5
Bonn Station$1,000New BerlinInterspace CommerceC5
Planet Hamburg$1,000HamburgRheinland PoliceF3
Alster Shipyard$1,000HamburgRepublican ShippingF5
Planet Stuttgart$1,000StuttgartRheinland PoliceE3
Planet Baden Baden$3,640StuttgartOrbital Spa and CruiseF6
Planet Holstein$1,000FrankfurtDaumann Heavy ConstructionD3
Freeport 11$1,000Omicron DeltaZonersD4
Akabat$1,000Omicron MuThe OrderG3