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Consumer Goods

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Once the basic necessities of survival have been met, most human beings look for ways to improve their life or to entertain themselves along the way. Consumer Goods satisfy these needs and include a broad range of relatively inexpensive bulk items such as clothing, toiletries, housewares, and Consumer Optronics. While most Consumer Goods are mass produced in automated factories, the ongoing rise in the prison population within the colonies has yielded a cheap labor force that many governments have turned to for handmade goods.


Planet New London$281New LondonBretonia PoliceD6
Southampton Shipyard$156New LondonGallic Royal NavyD3
Canterbury Station$120New LondonPlanetform, Inc.F4
Thames Outpost$277New LondonBMMD6
Kensington Shipping Platform$120New LondonGateway ShippingF4
BPA Newgate$727ManchesterBretonia PoliceC5
Birmingham Station$170ManchesterBMMD4
Sheffield Station$562ManchesterBounty Hunters GuildF4
Planet Cambridge$576CambridgeBretonia PoliceD6
Cardiff Mining Facility$536???NeutralE2
Bristol Mining Facility$626CambridgeBMMC6
Luxury Liner Shetland$916NewcastleOrbital Spa and CruiseD5 (1k above plane)
Battleship Hood$703DublinIndependent Miners GuildD4
Graves Station$714DublinBMMF6
Arranmore Base$847DublinMollysC6
Islay Base$930EdinburghGaiansF3
Sunderland Research Station$166Planet DarlingtonBretonia Intelligence ServiceD4 (2k above plane)
Gateshead Station$685NewcastleBretonia PoliceD6
Lancaster Trade Center$693NewcastleBorder World ExportsD6
Scarborough Station$1,032NewcastleBorder World ExportsC3
South Shields Refinery$1,137NewcastleIndependent Miners GuildB1
Mull Base$1,038NewcastleMollysC5
Skye Base$843NewcastleGaiansD7
Invergordon Space Port$1,063InvernessJunkersE2
Caernarfon Station$859PooleGateway ShippingG5
Merthyr Tydfil Mining Station$798PoolePlanetform, Inc.G2
Torshavn Space Port$829CambridgeGaiansF6
Kilrea Orbital Station$1,054PooleMollysB7
Freeport 1$828Omega-3ZonersC3
Douglas Station$1,080Omega-3BMMD6
Aland Shipyard$967Omega-3BMMF3
Planet Harris$1,185Tau-31EFL Oil & MachineryB4
Holman Outpost$983Tau-31IMG (Gallic Occupation)F6
Planet Toulouse$1,610RoussillonThe CouncilD4
Perpignan Spaceport$1,437RoussillonThe CouncilD5
Casablanca Base$1,710Omega-47CorsairsE6
Planet Gran Canaria$1,372Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE4
Lanzarote Station$1,255Omega-49ZonersD5
Zhukovsky Station$1,470Omega-52CoalitionF5
Grand Vista Orbital$1,432Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE3 (3k above plane)
Liner Brixton$363New LondonJunkersF6
Barrier Gate Station A$706CoronadoFreelancersB5