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Cardamine is a drug that produces an intense sense of euphoria and energy in the user. It is both physically and psychologically addictive, but because users do not gain a tolerance, many simply dose themselves with Cardamine continuously to avoid the inevitable crash. Due to the genetic alterations caused by long-term Cardamine use, all of the major colonies have declared it contraband.


Fortaleza Base$1,840KansasLiberty RoguesG4 (9k above plane)
Dawson Base$2,129HudsonLiberty RoguesF5
Mactan Base$2,510MagellanLane HackersC4
Montezuma Base$2,464CortezLiberty RoguesE6 (-5k below plane)
Leiden Base$2,670GalileoLane HackersB2
Padua Base$2,336GalileoLiberty RoguesC6
Buffalo Base$999New YorkLiberty RoguesE7
Rochester Base$1,875New YorkJunkersC2
Alcatraz Depot$1,867CaliforniaLiberty RoguesF5
Beaumont Base$1,244TexasJunkersD3
Fort McMurray$2,605AlbertaLiberty RoguesC4
Airdrie Hideout$2,897AlbertaLane Hacker GuardH7 (-15k below plane)
Allentown Base$1,968PennsylvaniaJunkersC5
Niverton Base$1,735PennsylvaniaLiberty RoguesC4
Thunder Bay Depot$2,365OntarioJunkersG3 (5k above plane)
Cochrane Depot$2,183OntarioLane HackersG7 (-3k below plane)
Marshall Station$2,151BeringLiberty SeparatistsE7