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Cardamine is a drug that produces an intense sense of euphoria and energy in the user. It is both physically and psychologically addictive, but because users do not gain a tolerance, many simply dose themselves with Cardamine continuously to avoid the inevitable crash. Due to the genetic alterations caused by long-term Cardamine use, all of the major colonies have declared it contraband.


Cape Wrath Base$3,415NewcastleOutcastsD2
Kirkwall Base$1,539OrkneyGaiansE8
Atka Research Station$1,052Sigma-17Cryer PharmaceuticalsC3
Cali Base$1,240Tau-23OutcastsF4
Java Station$865Tau-23IMG (Gallic Occupation)E3
Hirschfield Base$1,486DrakeWildD4 (-6k below plane)
Bottrop Depot$1,497DrakeWildD5 (3k above plane)
Durban Station$2,947Omicron RhoThe CoreF7
Ruiz Base$983Omicron BetaOutcastsE5
Nishiara Base$1,530Sigma-59Golden ChrysanthemumsC7
Epernay Station$2,416ChampagneGallic BrigandsB2
Planet New Paris, Ile du Palais$2,876Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal PoliceE6
Planet New Paris, Saint-Denis$2,950Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal PoliceE6
Planet New Paris, Saint-Germain$2,914Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal PoliceE6
Beaumont Base$2,413Ile-de-FranceGallic BrigandsD3
Fontainebleau Residence$2,916Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal PoliceE6
Vendome Residence$3,928OrleanaisGallic Royal PoliceD6 (-2k below plane)
Salbris Base$3,015OrleanaisGallic BrigandsG4
Boulogne Base$3,835PicardyGallic BrigandsB6
Planet Marseille$3,609ProvenceUnione CorseC3
Cannes Resort Station$3,355ProvenceUnione CorseF3
Luxury Liner Antibes$3,593ProvenceIDF ShippingC1
Monte Carlo Freeport$2,969ProvenceFreelancersC7
Monaco Base$2,636ProvenceUnione CorseG7
Planet Malta$549Omicron AlphaOutcastsD5
Ibiza Base$653Omicron AlphaOutcastsF5 (-1k below plane)
Alcara Shipping Depot$855Omicron TauJunkersG3 (-9k below plane)
Santa Verna$798Omicron AlphaOutcastsF3
Galicia Research Station$963Omicron BetaOutcastsC5
Venice Shipyard$786Omicron TauOutcastsH4
Genoa Base$833Omicron TauOutcastsF5
Dawson Base$4,767HudsonLiberty RoguesF5
Mactan Base$3,320MagellanLane HackersC4
Montezuma Base$3,711CortezLiberty RoguesE6 (-5k below plane)
Leiden Base$3,789GalileoLane HackersB2
Padua Base$3,650GalileoLiberty RoguesC6
Barrier Gate Station A$2,584CoronadoFreelancersB5
Valravn Citadel$3,611InvernessAuxesiaE8 (21k above plane)
Barrier Gate Station B$2,579CoronadoFreelancersB5
Barrier Gate Station C$2,583CoronadoFreelancersB5
Ainu Depot$2,823HokkaidoGolden ChrysanthemumsC5
Planet Manhattan$6,491New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Buffalo Base$5,121New YorkLiberty RoguesE7
Rochester Base$4,722New YorkJunkersC2
Alcatraz Depot$3,941CaliforniaLiberty RoguesF5
Planet Denver$4,142ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Planet Houston$5,128TexasLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Beaumont Base$5,262TexasJunkersD3
Fort McMurray$4,671AlbertaLiberty RoguesC4
Airdrie Hideout$5,876AlbertaLane Hacker GuardH7 (-15k below plane)
Allentown Base$4,875PennsylvaniaJunkersC5
Niverton Base$4,804PennsylvaniaLiberty RoguesC4
Thunder Bay Depot$3,967OntarioJunkersG3 (5k above plane)
Cochrane Depot$4,100OntarioLane HackersG7 (-3k below plane)
Marshall Station$4,112BeringLiberty SeparatistsE7
Planet New Berlin$4,013New BerlinRheinland PoliceF5
Kreuzberg Depot$3,907New BerlinJunkersC4
Cruiser Greifswald$4,623Omega-3GaiansB5 (2k above plane)