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Azurite Gas

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Azurite is a key component in Hybrid Technology - a special case discovered only recently in Sirius. This gas has properties which give humans a working method to replicate at least basic functions performed automatically from the interior of Nomad bodies. Azurite while in its standard form is an odorless gas which has very little notable oddities besides a slight toxicity and an average conductivity rate for a gas. Because of the seemingly normal traits, it was not thought to be terribly remarkable until specific experimentation was attempted.

When energy is refined into a constant voltage and current, Azurite begins to absorb the energy; the molecules begin reacting drastically and begin to bounce around in the containment system. If exposed to any sort of high-energetic matter, such as Plasma, the Azurite infuses immediately. The notable property of the new infusion is that it likes to keep its state. For example, if the Plasma was spinning in a certain shape or form, once infused it will keep the motion and shape until either the infused gas is changed automatically by the energetic matter, or forced apart by perhaps an impact."

By far the most lucrative known source of Azurite Gas is an alien structure rumored to exist in the immensely dangerous Omicron Delta Edge Nebula. According to rumor, energies radiating from within the structure convert the resident minor alien organisms inhabiting the nebula by over-infusing them with energies; this causes them to vaporize into freely-floating gaseous Azurite.