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Remnants of an alien civilization that existed long before humanity crawled from the ocean. The particulars of each individual Artifact vary, but archeologists and scientists have been unable to determine their function; for all intents and purposes they appear to be inert chunks of crystal and metal inscribed with decorative patterns. A thriving market for Artifacts has sprung up over the years among art collectors and the social elite looking for a new status symbol.


Planet New London$3,608New LondonBretonia PoliceD6
Holmfirth Base$3,807ManchesterGaiansC2
Islay Base$3,477EdinburghGaiansF3
Sunderland Research Station$609Planet DarlingtonBretonia Intelligence ServiceD4 (2k above plane)
Skye Base$4,136NewcastleGaiansD7
Lagos Depot$1,715Sigma-13CorsairsF6
Atka Research Station$1,448Sigma-17Cryer PharmaceuticalsC3
Luxury Liner Hawaii$1,754Sigma-19Orbital Spa and CruiseE6
Sesan Base$1,720Sigma-21WildF7
Recklinghausen Base$1,213Omega-58WildD3
Leon Base$863Omega-41CorsairsD6
Luneville Guard Station$3,842LorraineGallic Royal NavyD2
Thionville Base$3,825LorraineUnione CorseG2
Melun Research Institution$4,841Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal IntelligenceG7
Epernon Base$4,912OrleanaisUnione CorseD3
Salbris Base$5,069OrleanaisGallic BrigandsG4
Liner Brixton$3,146New LondonJunkersF6
Planet Crete$539Omicron GammaCorsairsE5
Skiros Station$837Omicron GammaCorsairsD3
Mactan Base$4,089MagellanLane HackersC4
Planet Curacao$3,666CortezOrbital Spa and CruiseD3
Leiden Base$3,518GalileoLane HackersB2
Barrier Gate Station A$3,939CoronadoFreelancersB5
Valravn Citadel$4,944InvernessAuxesiaE8 (21k above plane)
Barrier Gate Station B$3,940CoronadoFreelancersB5
Barrier Gate Station C$3,933CoronadoFreelancersB5
Planet New Tokyo$2,843New TokyoKusari State PoliceD6
Kabukicho Depot$3,074New TokyoHogoshaC5
Kamakura Base$2,415OkinawaHogoshaD7
Sendai Research Complex$2,109OkinawaBlood DragonsE1
Planet Manhattan$7,201New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Buffalo Base$5,108New YorkLiberty RoguesE7
Rochester Base$4,664New YorkJunkersC2
Planet Denver$3,908ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Ouray Base$5,137ColoradoXenosC6
Beaumont Base$4,926TexasJunkersD3
Allentown Base$5,429PennsylvaniaJunkersC5
Milford Base$5,845PennsylvaniaXenosD6
Nauru$659Omicron DeltaThe CoreF6
Cochrane Depot$4,533OntarioLane HackersG7 (-3k below plane)
Chesapeake Research Facility$3,197VirginiaLiberty Security ForceE7 (4k above plane)
Planet New Berlin$3,069New BerlinRheinland PoliceF5
Kreuzberg Depot$2,599New BerlinJunkersC4
Planet Holstein$2,227FrankfurtDaumann Heavy ConstructionD3
Heisenberg Research Station$2,100CologneFreelancersE7
Krefeld Base$2,294CologneUnionersE3