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Toulon Mining Facility's Information

The Camargue Dust Field has long been known to posess small quantities of various rare metals that are readily accessible. Although the Crown granted an exclusive mining concession for this field to GMS, illegal mining by ambitious freelancers has long been a problem. These miners violently resisted the GMS construction efforts in the field, and it was not until the Gallic Navy was ordered to step in, that Toulon could finally be built. The facility was completed in 703 AGS.

Illegal mining remains a problem to this day. The GMS has hired mercenaries to destroy any mining ship found in the field that does not belong to the company. This move has caused some controversy in the Core Worlds, with some arguing that the company should not be allowed to enforce laws as that is the task of the Royal Police. The brutal tactics employed by these mercenaries have caused some of the freelancers to violently retaliate against the GMS mining fleet.

Nickname: ga08_03_base
Archetype: space_mining01
System: Provence
Location: B4
Owner: Gallic Metal Service

Tournez - $1,414,000 credits
Courbe - $1,414,000 credits
Plier - $6,440,000 credits

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Toulon Mining Facility's Equipment

Protector Fr. Shield Shield $108,200
Protector H. F. Shield Shield $53,550
Protector L. F. Shield Shield $49,580
Bulwark Fr. Shield Shield $108,200
Bulwark H. F. Shield Shield $53,550
Bulwark L. F. Shield Shield $49,580
Aegis Fr. Shield Shield $108,200
Aegis H. F. Shield Shield $53,550
Aegis L. F. Shield Shield $49,580
Adv. Protector H. F. Shield Shield $118,380
Adv. Protector L. F. Shield Shield $109,610
Champion H. F. Shield Shield $260,240
Champion L. F. Shield Shield $240,960
Light Transport Graviton Shield Shield $600,000
Medium Transport Graviton Shield Shield $1,200,000
Medium Transport Molecular Shield Shield $1,200,000
Medium Transport Positron Shield Shield $1,200,000
Heavy Transport Graviton Shield Shield $2,000,000
Heavy Transport Molecular Shield Shield $2,000,000
Heavy Transport Positron Shield Shield $2,000,000
Sentry S. H. F. Shield Shield $255,000
Sconce S. H. F. Shield Shield $255,000
Cuisse S. H. F. Shield Shield $255,000
Adv. Barrier H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Adv. Brigandine H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Adv. Champion H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Vanguard Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Vanguard Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Preserver Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Redoubt Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Redoubt Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Bastion Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Sallet Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Sallet Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Cuirass Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Thruster Thruster $826,000
Wasp Cruise Disruptor Weapon $1,980
Hornet Cruise Disruptor Weapon $82,460
Dulzian Transport Turret Weapon $425,000
Iron Hammer Transport Turret Weapon $400,000
Mini Razor Weapon $4,185,000
Nova Torpedo Launcher Weapon $2,120,000
Mosquito Cruise Disruptor Weapon $192,000
Train Cruise Disruptor Weapon $164,000
Maxim Chaingun Weapon $3,720,000
Bomber EMP Cannon Weapon $204,984
Bomber Energy Cannon Weapon $191,703
Charon Transport Turret Weapon $350,000
Zapper Transport Turret Weapon $425,000
Heavy Transport Turret Weapon $1,062,500
Transport EMP Defense Turret Weapon $8,650,000
Lyre Point Defense Turret Weapon $7,240,000
Transport Pulse Turret Weapon $300,000
Pot-de-fer Weapon $35,620
Pot-de-fer II Weapon $95,200
Cruche-de-fer Weapon $195,200
Carbine Weapon $58,450
Carbine II Weapon $58,450
Petit Carbine Weapon $62,820
Pot-de-fer Turret Weapon $31,120
Pot-de-fer II Turret Weapon $95,200
Carbine Turret Weapon $145,121
Light Mining Array Weapon $9,600
Heavy Mining Array Weapon $25,000
Gallic Antimatter Cannon Weapon $7,025,000
Bomber Scattergun Weapon $204,984
Bomber Chaingun Weapon $204,984
Neutralizer Bomb Weapon $7,025,000
Scorcher Bomb Weapon $7,025,000
Fortress CM Dropper CM $324,000
Sentinel CM Dropper CM $320,000

Toulon Mining Facility's Commodities

Bio-Stability Monitors $1,882 1 No
Blue Jillies $2,895 1 No
Cigars $3,944 1 No
Robotics $3,333 1 No
Drill Bits $1,287 1 Yes
Food Rations $1,017 1 No
Promethene $1,422 1 No
Hydrocarbons $2,201 1 No
Liquefied Petroleum Gas $1,733 1 No
Oil $850 1 No
Petrochemicals $1,002 1 No
Solar Panels $1,711 1 No
Tellurium $199 1 Yes
Wine $870 1 No
Council Pilot $7,083 1 No
Gallic Brigand $7,300 1 No
Maquis Pilot $6,430 1 No
Oxygen $45 1 Yes
Unione Corse Pilot $8,300 1 No
Water $60 1 No
Sirius Credit Card (10.000) $10,000 1 Yes

Local News at Toulon Mining Facility

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