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Fleury-Merogis Prison Station's Information

Fleury-Merogis is a prison facility built in 464 AGS in the orbit of Planet New Paris. It is the largest space prison facility in Gallia, housing nearly 1200 of the most dangerous convicts, most of them sentenced for life. A life sentence on Fleury-Merogis is usually no longer then a few years however, earning this prison the nickname "the Guillotine" among criminals. Few ever managed to escape from this place, since space around the station is well-guarded, both by the prison's own defenses and by Planet New Paris' defensive grids. The Gallic Royal Police maintain a full non-disclosure policy about all space prison facilities, and no information is released about the number of escapes. Those few who were lucky enough to be released from Fleury-Merogis report that conditions within the prisons are horrible, medical facilities lack sufficient capacity, and some parts of the station are under full control of the convicts with no guards daring to venture inside.

Nickname: ga01_19_base
Archetype: prison
System: Ile-de-France
Location: D5
Owner: Gallic Royal Police

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Fleury-Merogis Prison Station's Equipment

Protector Fr. Shield Shield $108,200
Protector H. F. Shield Shield $53,550
Protector L. F. Shield Shield $49,580
Bulwark Fr. Shield Shield $108,200
Bulwark H. F. Shield Shield $53,550
Bulwark L. F. Shield Shield $49,580
Aegis Fr. Shield Shield $108,200
Aegis H. F. Shield Shield $53,550
Aegis L. F. Shield Shield $49,580
Adv. Protector H. F. Shield Shield $118,380
Adv. Protector L. F. Shield Shield $109,610
Champion H. F. Shield Shield $260,240
Champion L. F. Shield Shield $240,960
Light Transport Graviton Shield Shield $600,000
Medium Transport Graviton Shield Shield $1,200,000
Medium Transport Molecular Shield Shield $1,200,000
Medium Transport Positron Shield Shield $1,200,000
Heavy Transport Graviton Shield Shield $2,000,000
Heavy Transport Molecular Shield Shield $2,000,000
Heavy Transport Positron Shield Shield $2,000,000
Adv. Barrier H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Adv. Brigandine H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Adv. Champion H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Vanguard Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Vanguard Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Preserver Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Redoubt Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Redoubt Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Bastion Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Sallet Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Sallet Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Cuirass Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Thruster Thruster $826,000
Wasp Cruise Disruptor Weapon $1,980
Hornet Cruise Disruptor Weapon $82,460
Dulzian Transport Turret Weapon $425,000
Iron Hammer Transport Turret Weapon $400,000
Mini Razor Weapon $4,185,000
Nova Torpedo Launcher Weapon $2,120,000
Mosquito Cruise Disruptor Weapon $192,000
Train Cruise Disruptor Weapon $164,000
Maxim Chaingun Weapon $3,720,000
Bomber EMP Cannon Weapon $204,984
Bomber Energy Cannon Weapon $191,703
Charon Transport Turret Weapon $350,000
Zapper Transport Turret Weapon $425,000
Heavy Transport Turret Weapon $1,062,500
Transport EMP Defense Turret Weapon $8,650,000
Lyre Point Defense Turret Weapon $7,240,000
Transport Pulse Turret Weapon $300,000
Pot-de-fer Weapon $35,620
Pot-de-fer II Weapon $95,200
Cruche-de-fer Weapon $195,200
Carbine Weapon $58,450
Carbine II Weapon $58,450
Petit Carbine Weapon $62,820
Pot-de-fer Turret Weapon $31,120
Pot-de-fer II Turret Weapon $95,200
Carbine Turret Weapon $145,121
Grand Culverin Weapon $152,241
Musket Weapon $64,210
Musketoon II Weapon $153,214
Musket Weapon $153,214
Musketoon II Weapon $153,214
Grand Culverin Turret Weapon $148,521
Musket Turret Weapon $60,121
Musketoon Turret Weapon $160,120
Basic Gunboat Turret Weapon $150,000
Cerberus Gunboat Turret Weapon $915,000
Solaris Gatling Gunboat Turret Weapon $750,000
Solaris Gunboat Turret Weapon $750,000
Gunboat Pulse Cannon Weapon $2,680,000
Gunboat Glaive Weapon $2,850,000
GRN Gunboat Turret Weapon $480,000
Gallic Gunboat Forward Gun Weapon $2,450,000
Gallic Antimatter Cannon Weapon $7,025,000
Bomber Scattergun Weapon $204,984
Bomber Chaingun Weapon $204,984
Neutralizer Bomb Weapon $7,025,000
Scorcher Bomb Weapon $7,025,000
Fortress CM Dropper CM $324,000
Sentinel CM Dropper CM $320,000

Fleury-Merogis Prison Station's Commodities

Bio-Stability Monitors $1,745 1 No
Crew $2,000 1 Yes
Deuterium $3,145 1 No
Food Rations $811 1 No
Promethene $1,097 1 No
Hydrocarbons $1,879 1 No
Petrochemicals $746 1 No
Prisoners $2,407 1 No
Side Arms $3,542 1 No
Solar Panels $1,571 1 No
Stabiline $3,543 1 No
Bretonia Armed Forces Elite $32,000 1 No
Fleet Admiral $1,500,000 8 No
Gunboat Captain $150,000 2 No
Cruiser Commander $500,000 4 No
Council Pilot $10,000 1 No
Gallic Brigand $10,000 1 No
Liberty Security Force Pilot $45,000 1 No
Maquis Pilot $8,000 1 No
Cruiser Commander $500,000 4 No
Fleet Admiral $1,500,000 8 No
Gunboat Captain $150,000 2 No
Oxygen $60 1 Yes
Unione Corse Pilot $12,000 1 No
Water $80 1 No
Sirius Credit Card (10.000) $10,000 1 Yes

Local News at Fleury-Merogis Prison Station

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