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Valhalla Shipyard's Information

The Valhalla Shipyard was once the most massive facility operated by the Imperial Navy, and was supposed to be Rheinland's last hope in a worst case scenario. This gigantic industrial complex specialized in fuel treatment, repairs and the simultaneous construction of multiple warships. With a fraction of the capacity of The Ring's current dry docks, Valhalla must have been able to build and maintain a fully functional Rheinland fleet within a short period of time. It is believed that the station required about 8.000 workers to meet its desired productivity. Constructed around the year 588 AS, during the 80-Years War, Valhalla was intended to serve as an emergency production facility should New Berlin fall into the hands of the enemy. However, poor planning resulted in protracted construction work prior to the subsequent economic crisis, and the shipyard was abandoned before it could be completed.

During the war with Liberty, the Rheinland Military attempted to partially restore the shipyard's functionality, but had to halt its plans due to an incident that resulted in an unspecified contamination of the entire station and its personnel in 823 AS. The MND maintains a quarantine zone around the shipyard and will take any measures to prevent a containment breach.

Nickname: bw12_04_base
Archetype: prison_hi10
System: Thuringia
Location: C5 (-9k below plane)
Owner: Wild

Mjolnir - $5,170,300 credits
Fafnir - $14,170,300 credits

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Valhalla Shipyard's Equipment

Adv. Protector H. F. Shield Shield $118,380
Adv. Protector L. F. Shield Shield $109,610
Adv. Bulwark H. F. Shield Shield $118,380
Adv. Bulwark L. F. Shield Shield $109,610
Adv. Aegis H. F. Shield Shield $118,380
Adv. Aegis L. F. Shield Shield $109,610
Champion H. F. Shield Shield $260,240
Barrier H. F. Shield Shield $260,240
Brigandine H. F. Shield Shield $260,240
Adv. Protector Fr. Shield Shield $272,000
Adv. Bulwark Fr. Shield Shield $272,000
Adv. Aegis Fr. Shield Shield $272,000
Light Transport Graviton Shield Shield $600,000
Barrier Fr. Shield Shield $364,000
Brigandine Fr. Shield Shield $364,000
Medium Transport Graviton Shield Shield $1,200,000
Medium Transport Molecular Shield Shield $1,200,000
Medium Transport Positron Shield Shield $1,200,000
Sentry S. H. F. Shield Shield $255,000
Sconce S. H. F. Shield Shield $255,000
Cuisse S. H. F. Shield Shield $255,000
Heavy Transport Graviton Shield Shield $2,000,000
Heavy Transport Molecular Shield Shield $2,000,000
Heavy Transport Positron Shield Shield $2,000,000
Champion L. F. Shield Shield $240,960
Barrier L. F. Shield Shield $240,960
Brigandine L. F. Shield Shield $240,960
Adv. Champion H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Adv. Champion L. F. Shield Shield $569,150
Adv. Barrier H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Adv. Barrier L. F. Shield Shield $569,150
Adv. Brigandine H. F. Shield Shield $612,280
Adv. Brigandine L. F. Shield Shield $569,150
Vanguard Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Vanguard Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Preserver Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Redoubt Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Redoubt Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Bastion Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Sallet Gunboat Shield Shield $3,000,000
Adv. Sallet Gunboat Shield Shield $8,000,000
Cuirass Gunboat Shield Shield $15,000,000
Nomad Lesser Veil Shield $412,280
Nomad Lesser Veil Shield $255,000
Nomad Lesser Veil Shield $612,280
Nomad Greater Veil Shield $3,000,000
Thruster Thruster $826,000
Cheetah Thruster Thruster $24,540,000
Light Capital Ship Thruster Thruster $8,000,000
Capital Ship Thruster Thruster $750,000
Nomad Thruster II Thruster $1,165,000
Nomad Thruster Thruster $1,165,000
Wasp Cruise Disruptor Weapon $1,980
Hornet Cruise Disruptor Weapon $82,460
Train Cruise Disruptor Weapon $164,000
Mosquito Cruise Disruptor Weapon $192,000
Reinforced Cruise Disruptor Weapon $900,000
Maxim Chaingun Weapon $3,720,000
Adv. Debilitator Mk I Weapon $62,450
Imp. Debilitator Mk I Weapon $184,600
Adv. Debilitator Mk II Weapon $64,450
Imp. Debilitator Mk II Weapon $186,600
Adv. Debilitator Turret Mk I Weapon $49,320
Adv. Debilitator Turret Mk II Weapon $53,320
Nova Torpedo Launcher Weapon $2,120,000
Incapacitator Torpedo Weapon $3,120,000
Hellfire Rocket Pod Weapon $1,500,520
Bomber EMP Cannon Weapon $204,984
Bomber Energy Cannon Weapon $191,703
Bomber Scattergun Weapon $204,984
Bomber Chaingun Weapon $204,984
Neutralizer Bomb Weapon $7,025,000
Scorcher Bomb Weapon $7,025,000
Flashpoint Weapon $180,310
Adv. Flashpoint Weapon $49,320
Heavy Flashpoint Weapon $130,700
Purple Goddess Chain Gun Weapon $142,000
Flashpoint Turret Weapon $22,310
Heavy Flashpoint Turret Weapon $142,310
Purple Goddess Turret Weapon $108,000
Civilian Antimatter Cannon Weapon $7,025,000
Corona Beam Cannon Weapon $7,025,000
Cannonball Missile Weapon $220,480
Firestalker Missile Weapon $256,620
Catapult Missile Weapon $150,300
Paralyzer Missile Weapon $194,580
Sidewinder Missile Weapon $388,000
Mini Razor Weapon $4,185,000
Dulzian Transport Turret Weapon $425,000
Iron Hammer Transport Turret Weapon $400,000
Charon Transport Turret Weapon $350,000
Zapper Transport Turret Weapon $425,000
Heavy Transport Turret Weapon $1,062,500
Transport EMP Defense Turret Weapon $8,650,000
Lyre Point Defense Turret Weapon $7,240,000
Transport Pulse Turret Weapon $300,000
Bretonia Transport Turret Weapon $230,000
Civilian Transport Turret Weapon $230,000
Light Mining Array Weapon $9,600
Small Mineral Extractor Weapon $9,600
Heavy Mining Array Weapon $25,000
Gunboat Razor Weapon $2,950,000
Cerberus Gunboat Turret Weapon $915,000
Basic Gunboat Turret Weapon $150,000
Gunboat Pulse Cannon Weapon $2,680,000
Solaris Gatling Gunboat Turret Weapon $750,000
Solaris Gunboat Turret Weapon $750,000
Hornviper Weapon $14,300
Stealthblade Weapon $24,790
Hornviper Mk II Weapon $54,810
Stealthblade Mk II Weapon $119,500
Firekiss Mk II Weapon $148,000
Hornviper Mk II Turret Weapon $54,810
Stealthblade Turret Weapon $142,220
Firekiss Mk II Turret Weapon $142,220
Rheinland Antimatter Cannon Weapon $7,025,000
Rheinland Gunboat Forward Gun Weapon $2,500,000
Rheinland Gunboat Turret Weapon $450,000
Nomad Hybrid Blaster Weapon $62,000
Nomad Hybrid Cannon Weapon $59,000
Nomad Prototype Weapon $2,480
Lesser Nomad Hybrid Cannon Weapon $248,000
Nomad Hybrid Antimatter Cannon Weapon $7,025,000
Nomad Bomber Laser Weapon $212,512
Nomad Hybrid Gunboat Turret Weapon $400,000
Nomad Gunboat Shredder Turret Weapon $250,000
Nomad Gunboat Blaster Turret Weapon $700,000
Nomad Gunboat Primary Turret Weapon $350,000
Nomad Gunboat Cutter Turret Weapon $2,450,000
Nomad Missile Type I Weapon $220,480
Nomad Missile Type II Weapon $194,580
Nomad Missile Type III Weapon $388,000
Nomad Singularity Cannon Weapon $7,025,000
Nomad Torpedo Weapon $2,120,000
Nomad Torpedo Weapon $3,120,000
Nomad Heavy Disruptor Bolt Weapon $164,000
Nomad Disruptor Weapon $178,000
Flammenwerfer-C1 Weapon $62,450
Flammenwerfer-C2 Weapon $62,450
Flammenwerfer-L3 Weapon $139,240
Flammenwerfer-C1 Turret Weapon $49,320
Flammenwerfer-C2 Turret Weapon $49,320
Fortress CM Dropper CM $324,000
Sentinel CM Dropper CM $320,000
Silencer CM Dropper CM $318,000
Hvy. Countermeasure Dropper CM $224,000
Nomad Countermeasure Dropper CM $318,000

Valhalla Shipyard's Commodities

Pirate Pilot $8,550 1 No
Zoner Pilot $10,000 1 No
Oxygen $75 1 Yes
Water $100 1 No
The Wild $3,000 1 No
Sirius Credit Card (10.000) $10,000 1 Yes

Local News at Valhalla Shipyard

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