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Planet New London New London D6 Bretonia Police
Southampton Shipyard New London D3 Gallic Royal Navy
Battleship Suffolk New London D6 Bretonia Armed Forces
Waterloo Station New London D6 Interspace Commerce
Canterbury Station New London F4 Planetform, Inc.
Thames Outpost New London D6 BMM
Kensington Shipping Platform New London F4 Gateway Shipping
Trafalgar Base New London C3 Gallic Royal Navy
Destroyer Shillelagh Dublin E6 Mollys
BPA Newgate Manchester C5 Bretonia Police
Birmingham Station Manchester D4 BMM
Sheffield Station Manchester F4 Bounty Hunters Guild
Liverpool Border Station Manchester H4 Bretonia Police
Kingston Border Station Manchester F2 Bretonia Police
Holmfirth Base Manchester C2 Gaians
Planet Cambridge Cambridge D6 Bretonia Police
Cambridge Research Station Cambridge D6 Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Battleship Norfolk Cambridge F5 Bretonia Armed Forces
Cardiff Mining Facility ??? E2 Neutral
Lisburn Rock Cambridge G3 Mollys
Bristol Mining Facility Cambridge C6 BMM
Planet Leeds Leeds E6 Gallic Royal Navy
Stokes Mining Station Leeds F4 Gallic Metal Service
Carrier Warwick New London D6 Bretonia Armed Forces
Glasgow Outpost Leeds F2 IDF Shipping
LD-14 Leeds D3 Gallic Royal Intelligence
Planet Leeds, Resistance Base Leeds E6 Bretonia Armed Forces
Luxury Liner Shetland Newcastle D5 (1k above plane) Orbital Spa and Cruise
Battleship Nagasaki Honshu D6 Kusari Naval Forces
Battleship Hood Dublin D4 Independent Miners Guild
Graves Station Dublin F6 BMM
Battleship Essex New London D6 Bretonia Armed Forces
Arranmore Base Dublin C6 Mollys
Islay Base Edinburgh F3 Gaians
Perth Station Edinburgh E5 Gallic Royal Navy
Battleship Ark Royal Newcastle C3 Bretonia Armed Forces
Sunderland Research Station Planet Darlington D4 (2k above plane) Bretonia Intelligence Service
Gateshead Station Newcastle D6 Bretonia Police
Lancaster Trade Center Newcastle D6 Border World Exports
Scarborough Station Newcastle C3 Border World Exports
Battleship Grimsby Planet Darlington B7 Bretonia Armed Forces Guard
South Shields Refinery Newcastle B1 Independent Miners Guild
Cape Wrath Base Newcastle D2 Outcasts
Mull Base Newcastle C5 Mollys
Skye Base Newcastle D7 Gaians
Cordes Outpost Orkney D3 Gallic Royal Navy
Kirkwall Base Orkney E8 Gaians
Dounby Station Orkney G2 Gallic Brigands
Battleship La Riche Edinburgh F4 (1k above plane) Gallic Royal Navy
Fort Albi Orkney C6 (-5k below plane) Gallic Royal Navy
Tayport Extension Newcastle C5 Coalition Military
Carrier Soltau Hamburg F5 Rheinland Military
Providence Station Edinburgh B2 Bretonian Privateers
Battleship Stirling Omega-49 E4 (4k above plane) Bretonia Armed Forces
Battleship Betheny Cortez D4 Gallic Royal Navy
Invergordon Space Port Inverness E2 Junkers
Unknown Object Inverness C7 (2k above plane) Nomads
Newbury Impound Complex Poole G2 Bretonia Police
Caernarfon Station Poole G5 Gateway Shipping
Merthyr Tydfil Mining Station Poole G2 Planetform, Inc.
Torshavn Space Port Cambridge F6 Gaians
Handayan Outpost Magellan H2 (2k above plane) Gaians
Sandur Base Tau-31 C2 Gaians
Fort Winchester Manchester C5 Bretonia Armed Forces Guard
Battleship Harlow Manchester B4 Bretonia Armed Forces
Kilrea Orbital Station Poole B7 Mollys
Fort Coleraine Poole B2 (15k above plane) Mollys
Foyle Shipyard Poole B2 (15k above plane) Mollys
Garvagh Base Omega-49 B6 Mollys
Planet Sprague Omega-3 D6 Bretonia Police
Freeport 1 Omega-3 C3 Zoners
Rugen Station Omega-3 F6 Daumann Heavy Construction
Douglas Station Omega-3 D6 BMM
Port Said Sigma-21 G3 The Order
Aland Shipyard Omega-3 F3 BMM
Cadiz Base Omega-5 C6 Corsairs
Ronneburg Base Omega-5 F4 Red Hessians
Freistadt Base Omega-7 D5 Independent Miners Guild
Briesen Mining Facility Omega-7 F5 Daumann Heavy Construction
Elbich Mining Facility Omega-7 E3 Kruger Minerals
Ennibeck Spaceport Omicron Delta F6 Daumann Heavy Construction
Carrier Alvin Katz Omega-47 E2 (3k above plane) Coalition Military
Gas Miner Naha Sigma-13 D4 Gas Miners Guild
Helgoland Station Sigma-13 D6 Gas Miners Guild
Lagos Depot Sigma-13 F6 Corsairs
Planet Kurile, Samura Platform Sigma-17 F5 Samura Industries
Atka Research Station Sigma-17 C3 Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Luxury Liner Hawaii Sigma-19 E6 Orbital Spa and Cruise
Gas Miner Ogashawa Sigma-19 C5 Gas Miners Guild
Cali Base Tau-23 F4 Outcasts
Cheronsee Outpost Tau-23 C6 EFL Oil & Machinery
Java Station Tau-23 E3 IMG (Gallic Occupation)
Battleship Guillestre Tau-23 D4 Gallic Royal Navy
Nago Station Tau-29 F5 Kishiro Technologies
Shinkaku Station Tau-29 C5 Samura Industries
Freeport 6 Tau-29 D6 Zoners
Planet Harris Tau-31 B4 EFL Oil & Machinery
Holman Outpost Tau-31 F6 IMG (Gallic Occupation)
Battleship Macduff New London F4 Bretonia Armed Forces
Battleship Yamaguchi Honshu F3 (2k above plane) Kusari Naval Forces
Battleship Carcassonne California B6 Gallic Royal Navy
Battleship Schwerin Munich G2 (1k above plane) Rheinland Military
Bornholm Depot Omega-55 E4 Junkers
Tholey Station Cologne C5 Bounty Hunters Guild
Sesan Base Sigma-21 F7 Wild
Recklinghausen Base Omega-58 D3 Wild
Kaarst Drydock Omega-55 H2 (3k above plane) Wild
Valhalla Shipyard Thuringia C5 (-9k below plane) Wild
Fichtelgebirge Station ??? E5 (42k above plane) Wild
Kamisu Base Honshu F7 Farmers Alliance
Tokai Shipping Platform Tottori F6 Samura Industries
Cape Soya Station Tottori G4 Farmers Alliance
Jakarta Orbital Colony Tau-44 B2 Independent Miners Guild
Planet Tomioka, Blood Dragon Outpost Planet Tomioka E5 (-2k below plane) Blood Dragons
Carrier Hades Tau-31 G3 Crayter Republic
Planet Toulouse Roussillon D4 The Council
Perpignan Spaceport Roussillon D5 The Council
Le Boulou Outpost ??? B7 The Council
Battleship Pamiers Roussillon D4 The Council
Montauban Base Roussillon C5 Gallic Brigands
Caussade Depot Roussillon F5 The Maquis
Sulawesi Citadel Tau-44 G3 Crayter Republic
Singapore Shipyard Tau-44 B2 Independent Miners Guild
Planet Borneo Tau-44 G5 Crayter Republic
Minato Harbor Tau-44 G5 Crayter Republic
Hirschfield Base Drake D4 (-6k below plane) Wild
Bottrop Depot Drake D5 (3k above plane) Wild
Outpost Hesperia California F2 Hellfire Legion
Destroyer Insidious Kansas C1 (-14k below plane) Lane Hackers
Gonzales Station ??? B7 (4k above plane) Xenos
Battleship Kassel Omega-5 E3 Red Hessians
Northeim Base Omega-54 F5 Red Hessians
Wolfsburg Shipyard Omega-54 F3 (2k above plane) Red Hessian Guard
Kamchatka Station Omega-55 D7 Coalition Military
Fortaleza Base Kansas G4 (9k above plane) Liberty Rogues
Nobeoka Platform Sigma-59 G5 Bounty Hunters Guild
Niigata Star City Sigma-59 B4 Gas Miners Guild
Battleship Daishouri Sigma-21 F2 Gas Miners Guild
Madeira Base Omega-47 B5 Independent Miners Guild
Dagger Outpost Omega-55 E6 The Core
Durban Station Omicron Rho F7 The Core
Alabama Shipyard Omicron Rho C5 The Core
Freeport 10 Tau-37 F4 Zoners
Falkland Base Tau-37 C6 Independent Miners Guild
Ruiz Base Omicron Beta E5 Outcasts
Battleship Amenta Omicron Beta B5 (4k above plane) The Order
Leon Base Omega-41 D6 Corsairs
Freeport 5 Omega-41 D3 Zoners
Freeport 9 Omicron Theta E4 Zoners
Corfu Base Omicron Theta C4 Zoners
Corinth Research Station Omicron Kappa G2 Zoners
Planet Gammu Omicron Kappa B7 Gammu Artificial Intelligence
Livadia Shipyard Omicron Kappa C1 Zoner Guard
Primus Outpost Omega-47 H3 (-6k below plane) Gammu Artificial Intelligence
Ciutadella Outpost Omicron Kappa G6 Corsairs
Casablanca Base Omega-47 E6 Corsairs
Battleship Fes Omega-47 C2 Corsairs
Viernheim Base Omega-47 D2 Red Hessians
Ithaca Base Omega-7 H6 Independent Pirates
Planet Gran Canaria Omega-49 E4 Bretonia Police
Lanzarote Station Omega-49 D5 Zoners
Zvezdny Gorodok Omega-52 D6 Coalition Military
Mykolaiv Research Station Omega-52 H3 Coalition Military
Sevastopol Depot Omega-52 D3 Coalition Military
Zhukovsky Station Omega-52 F5 Coalition
Gas Miner Trichsen Sigma-13 G2 Kruger Minerals
Wichter Station Sigma-15 H4 (8k above plane) ALG Waste Disposal
Nishiara Base Sigma-59 C7 Golden Chrysanthemums
Planet Pygar Omicron Theta C4 Zoners
Planet Quillan Languedoc C5 Gallic Metal Service
Nimes Station Languedoc E5 Gallic Royal Navy
Issoudun Drydock Edinburgh F4 Gallic Royal Navy
Narbonne Base Languedoc E3 Gallic Brigands
Limoux Base Languedoc D6 The Maquis
Lodeve Space Port Languedoc G5 Gallic Metal Service
Battleship Montmorency Roussillon D5 Gallic Royal Navy
Valence Base Dauphine F6 Gallic Brigands
Montelimar Base Dauphine C6 Unione Corse
Briancon Station Dauphine F4 EFL Oil & Machinery
Gap Station Dauphine E5 Gallic Royal Police
Battleship Ambazac New London D3 Gallic Royal Navy
Battleship Embrun Newcastle G5 Gallic Royal Intelligence
Grenoble Depot Dauphine D3 The Maquis
Planet Nevers Burgundy F3 Gallic Royal Police
Alesia Station Burgundy D2 Gallic Metal Service
Montbard Base Burgundy B5 Gallic Brigands
Avallon Station Burgundy F4 Gallic Royal Navy
Dijon Station Burgundy F4 Gallic Royal Police
Macon Base Burgundy H5 The Council
Bourbon Base Burgundy E7 Unione Corse
Bourg-en-Bresse Space Port Burgundy F6 EFL Oil & Machinery
Beuvray New London D3 (1k above plane) Neutral
Battleship Rocroi Burgundy G1 Gallic Royal Navy
Dreadnought Basilica Coronado D7 Outcasts
Planet Marne Champagne F6 Gallic Brigands
Mazagran Depot Champagne D3 The Maquis
Reims Station Champagne C5 The Council
Epernay Station Champagne B2 Gallic Brigands
Chalons-en-Champagne Station Champagne F5 The Council
Joinville Base Champagne E2 Unione Corse
Battleship Chaumont Champagne H4 The Council
Planet Marne Champagne F6 The Council
Courville Wreck Champagne A7 The Council
Montmirail Base Champagne D7 The Council
Metz Station ??? E3 Gallic Royal Police
Verdun Base Lorraine B4 The Maquis
Chateau Salins Station Lorraine C5 Gallic Royal Navy
Luneville Guard Station Lorraine D2 Gallic Royal Navy
Thionville Base Lorraine G2 Unione Corse
Battleship Epinal Lorraine C3 Gallic Royal Navy
Torino Base ??? G6 Outcasts
Johnson Supply Depot Omicron Chi C6 Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Capetown Station Omicron Minor E6 The Core
Darmstadt Depot Stuttgart G4 Coalition Military
Carrier Tarrafal Bering H4 (-8k below plane) Zoner Guard
Antikythera Shipyard ??? G2 Corsairs
Liner Verwood Tau-53 D6 Bretonian Privateers
Mito Shipyards Chugoku B2 Blood Dragon Guard
Hikone Base Honshu B3 Blood Dragons
Morioka Base Shikoku E7 Golden Chrysanthemums
Battlecruiser Akatsuki Orkney H6 (-7k below plane) Kempeitai
Kawada Station ??? G7 (1k above plane) Golden Chrysanthemums
Battleship Kokura Nagano G3 (-6k below plane) Blood Dragons
Newport Station Sigma-13 C5 Freelancers
Grand Vista Orbital Omega-49 E3 (3k above plane) Bretonia Police
Battlecruiser Shounan-Tou Tau-44 C7 (-8k below plane) Wild
Freeport 8 Sigma-15 E5 Zoners
Tarancon Base Omicron Minor F5 Junkers
New London Gate Construction Site Leeds E7 EFL Oil & Machinery
Planet Moros, Nomad Lair Omicron Lost A3 (-3k below plane) Nomad Guardians
Planet New Paris, Ile du Palais Ile-de-France E6 Gallic Royal Police
Planet New Paris, Saint-Denis Ile-de-France E6 Gallic Royal Police
Planet New Paris, Saint-Germain Ile-de-France E6 Gallic Royal Police
Beauvais Production Facility Ile-de-France D3 EFL Oil & Machinery
Compiegne Space Colony Ile-de-France F3 Gallic Royal Police
Beaumont Base Ile-de-France D3 Gallic Brigands
Sarcelles Shipping Facility Ile-de-France F5 IDF Shipping
Montmartre Space Colony Ile-de-France E6 Gallic Royal Police
Battleship Montreuil Ile-de-France F5 Gallic Royal Navy
Versailles Residence Ile-de-France C4 Gallic Royal Police
Rambouilette Shipyard Ile-de-France C6 Gallic Royal Navy
Fontainebleau Residence Ile-de-France E6 Gallic Royal Police
Avon Hideout Ile-de-France G6 The Maquis
Battleship Mars Omega-58 F3 The Core
Melun Research Institution Ile-de-France G7 Gallic Royal Intelligence
Fleury-Merogis Prison Station Ile-de-France D5 Gallic Royal Police
Planet Orleans Orleanais E3 Gallic Royal Police
Planet Blouis Orleanais D6 Gallic Royal Police
Maintenon Shipyard Orleanais D4 Gallic Royal Navy
Epernon Base Orleanais D3 Unione Corse
Chartres Space Colony Orleanais D4 EFL Oil & Machinery
Evreux Research Facility Orleanais C4 Gallic Royal Intelligence
Romorantin Space Port Orleanais E3 EFL Oil & Machinery
Vendome Residence Orleanais D6 (-2k below plane) Gallic Royal Police
Salbris Base Orleanais G4 Gallic Brigands
Battlecruiser Carillon Dublin C3 Gallic Royal Intelligence
Planet Amiens Picardy E6 Gallic Royal Police
Boulogne Base Picardy B6 Gallic Brigands
Fort Etaples Picardy B2 Gallic Royal Navy
Guise Mining Facility Picardy E2 Gallic Metal Service
Peronne Shipping Platform ??? F4 IDF Shipping
Saint-Quentin Space Colony Picardy F4 The Council
Eplessier Depot Picardy D7 The Maquis
Abbeville Production Facility Picardy C5 EFL Oil & Machinery
Calais Research Facility Picardy B2 Gallic Royal Intelligence
Planet Metz Lorraine E3 Gallic Royal Police
Roanne Production Facility Lorraine C3 Gallic Metal Service
Luxury Liner Belleville Lorraine F4 IDF Shipping
Liner Brixton New London F6 Junkers
Battleship Venissieux Tau-53 B2 Gallic Royal Navy
Montigny Storage Facility Lorraine C3 IDF Shipping
Vandoeuvres Space Colony Lorraine D7 Gallic Royal Police
Pelussin Base Lorraine F6 Gallic Brigands
Saint-Exupery Space Port Lorraine E3 EFL Oil & Machinery
Aubigny Ile-de-France A4 EFL Oil & Machinery
Valley Forge Flight School Pennsylvania E4 Interspace Commerce
Ibusuki Construction Site ??? F5 (1k above plane) Gas Miners Guild
Secundus Outpost Omicron Lost A2 Gammu Artificial Intelligence
Haute-Seine Shipyard Picardy F4 The Council
Atacama Base Vespucci B7 Gaians
New Tours Watch Station Tau-31 E6 Gallic Royal Navy
Battleship De Grasse Orkney A5 (8k above plane) The Council
Nomad Lair Omicron Chi E7 Nomads
Planet Tangier Omega-47 D3 Red Hessians
Ecommoy Base ??? A4 Gallic Brigands
Luxury Liner Barbados Vespucci D7 (3k above plane) Orbital Spa and Cruise
Lentini Outpost Tau-53 B5 Outcasts
La Charite Spaceport Tau-53 D4 IDF Shipping
Planet Pittsburgh, Xeno Hideout New York F2 Xenos
Planet Nuremberg, Bundschuh Supplies Warehouse Munich G2 Bundschuh
Charost Depot Tau-31 D7 The Maquis
Fourchambault Shipyard Dauphine F4 Gallic Royal Navy
Luxury Liner Argenton Tau-44 E3 (5k above plane) Unione Corse
Vierzon Mining Facility Orkney D3 Gallic Metal Service
Lausanne Complex Zurich C7 (15k above plane) Gallic Royal Intelligence
Sigma-15 Gate Construction Site Frankfurt H2 EFL Oil & Machinery
Oerlikon Stellar Observatory Zurich B5 (10k above plane) EFL Oil & Machinery
Davos Base Zurich G4 (-15k below plane) Unioners
Lapalisse Depot Tau-53 D2 The Maquis
Battleship Le Cendre New London D3 (1k above plane) Gallic Royal Navy
Dunedin Station Inverness B2 Bretonia Intelligence Service
Planet Marseille Provence C3 Unione Corse
Battlecruiser Sisteron Provence A3 Gallic Royal Intelligence
Toulon Mining Facility Provence B4 Gallic Metal Service
Cannes Resort Station Provence F3 Unione Corse
Frejus Base Provence F1 Gallic Brigands
Luxury Liner Antibes Provence C1 IDF Shipping
Monte Carlo Freeport Provence C7 Freelancers
Monaco Base Provence G7 Unione Corse
Chateau d'If Prison Station ??? D3 Gallic Royal Police
Planet Kurile Sigma-17 F5 Gas Miners Guild
Battleship Saumur Picardy E6 Gallic Royal Navy
Nomad Lair Omicron Sigma G5 (8k above plane) Nomads
Battleship La Fierte Picardy F4 The Council
Battleship Cambrai Champagne C5 The Council
Planet Amiens, Council Landing Site Picardy E6 The Council
Chambery Base Burgundy E1 (5k above plane) The Maquis
Bastia Extension ??? F6 Unione Corse
Planet Malta Omicron Alpha D5 Outcasts
Ibiza Base Omicron Alpha F5 (-1k below plane) Outcasts
Valetta Shipyard Omicron Alpha C5 Outcasts
Planet Crete Omicron Gamma E5 Corsairs
Tripoli Shipyard Omicron Gamma D6 Corsairs
Skiros Station Omicron Gamma D3 Corsairs
Alcara Shipping Depot Omicron Tau G3 (-9k below plane) Junkers
Santa Verna Omicron Alpha F3 Outcasts
Galicia Research Station Omicron Beta C5 Outcasts
Venice Shipyard Omicron Tau H4 Outcasts
Genoa Base Omicron Tau F5 Outcasts
Battleship Athos New London D3 (2k above plane) Corsairs
Corsica Outer Sanctum Omicron Phi D4 (4k above plane) Outcast Guard
Bastia Station Omicron Phi D6 Outcast Guard
Dreadnought Captana Omicron Phi D4 (2k above plane) Outcast Guard
Amorgos Omicron Xi B5 (-2k below plane) Corsairs
Planet Albegna Omicron Tau C4 (4k above plane) Outcasts
Battleship Prox Omicron Gamma E6 Corsairs
Rhodes Shipyard Omicron Gamma F5 Corsair Guard
Battleship Delos Omicron Xi D4 Corsairs
Tinos Outpost Omicron Xi B2 Corsairs
Syros Shipyard Omicron Xi C5 Corsairs
Thira Colony Omicron Xi C8 (2k above plane) Corsairs
Pacifica Base Bering C5 Unioners
Freeport 2 Bering F5 Independent Pirates
Barrow Base Hudson F3 Xenos
Dawson Base Hudson F5 Liberty Rogues
Cold Bay Depot Hudson C5 Planetform, Inc.
Mactan Base Magellan C4 Lane Hackers
Planet Curacao Cortez D3 Orbital Spa and Cruise
Montezuma Base Cortez E6 (-5k below plane) Liberty Rogues
Ames Research Station Kepler D4 Zoners
Nome Base Kepler B6 Xenos
Leiden Base Galileo B2 Lane Hackers
Padua Base Galileo C6 Liberty Rogues
Hammersee Sigma-15 B6 (-2k below plane) Rheinland Police
Cruiser Sachsenwald Thuringia D6 Unioners
America Freeport Kansas E4 (-12k below plane) The Commonwealth
Fort Leniex Vespucci G4 (21k above plane) Hellfire Legion
Dreadnought Ravager Vespucci B4 (2k above plane) Hellfire Legion
Monterrey Base Vespucci E2 Hellfire Legion
Police Prison Station Bastille D4 Neutral
Navy Prison Station Bastille D4 Neutral
Guard Station Bastille H8 The Admins
Unknown Station Bastille D4 (100k above plane) Neutral
Barrier Gate Station A Coronado B5 Freelancers
Pecos, Camp Lister Coronado G6 Independent Miners Guild
Sabah Shipyard Coronado D2 Crayter Republic
Pecos, New Hope Coronado G6 Crayter Republic
Planet Yuma Coronado D2 Crayter Republic
Shasta Orbital Skyhook Baffin E3 Zoners
Pueblo Bonito Baffin A2 (5k above plane) Zoner Guard
Sedona Station Baffin G3 Zoners
Supply Station Neckar Stuttgart E3 Synth Foods, Inc.
Attica Station Galileo G3 Liberty Rogues
The Nonsense Factory Galileo G3 Liberty Rogues
Valravn Citadel Inverness E8 (21k above plane) Auxesia
Foster Base Kepler F3 (1k above plane) Junkers
Barrier Gate Station B Coronado B5 Freelancers
Barrier Gate Station C Coronado B5 Freelancers
Petra Outpost Sigma-15 D1 Corsairs
Asteroid Miner Honshu G4 Kusari Naval Forces
Planet New Tokyo New Tokyo D6 Kusari State Police
Narita Outpost New Tokyo F4 Kusari State Police
Yokohama Shipyard New Tokyo E3 Samura Industries
Roppongi Station New Tokyo D6 Interspace Commerce
Shinagawa Station New Tokyo F6 Kishiro Technologies
Shinjuku Station New Tokyo C5 Samura Industries
Kabukicho Depot New Tokyo C5 Hogosha
Fuchu Prison Shikoku G6 Kusari State Police
Battleship Myoko Shikoku F6 Kusari Naval Forces
Deshima Station Shikoku E6 Bounty Hunters Guild
Planet Junyo Shikoku F4 Samura Industries
Ohashi Border Station Shikoku E2 Kusari State Police
Planet Kyushu Kyushu F3 Kusari State Police
Tsushima Depot Kyushu D3 Samura Industries
Battleship Nagumo ??? H1 (-1k below plane) Kusari Naval Forces
Nansei Research Complex Kyushu C4 Kempeitai
Kagoshima Depot Kyushu G4 Farmers Alliance
Planet Honshu Honshu F3 Kusari State Police
Yurasu Station Sigma-59 G6 (-4k below plane) Samura Industries
Yukawa Shipyard Honshu C4 Kishiro Technologies
Kansai Research Station Honshu C3 Kusari Naval Forces
Aomori Station Honshu G4 Gas Miners Guild
Akita Border Station Honshu F6 Kusari State Police
Battleship Matsumoto Hokkaido D3 Kusari Naval Forces
Ainu Depot Hokkaido C5 Golden Chrysanthemums
Otaru Border Station Hokkaido D3 Kusari State Police
Sapporo Station Hokkaido E6 Samura Industries
Kyoto Base Chugoku D4 Blood Dragons
Ryuku Base Tohoku C5 Blood Dragons
Heaven's Gate Tohoku D4 (1k above plane) Wild
Battleship Kumamoto Sigma-17 C6 Farmers Alliance
Planet Tomioka Nagano G5 Samura Industries
Luxury Liner Mackinac New Tokyo F6 Orbital Spa and Cruise
Anijima Base Tottori G3 Kempeitai
Suzuka Station Tottori B5 Hogosha
Golden Dragon Casino Shikoku E5 Hogosha
Misaki Station Tau-53 D4 Samura Industries
Isehara Refinery Okinawa E5 Kishiro Technologies
Kamakura Base Okinawa D7 Hogosha
Battleship Matsuda Kyushu G2 Golden Chrysanthemums
Fujisawa Mining Facility Okinawa G4 Gas Miners Guild
Sendai Research Complex Okinawa E1 Blood Dragons
Planet Miura Okinawa D5 Gas Miners Guild
Furyoku Station Okinawa D5 Interspace Commerce
Fukuoka Border Station Kyushu A5 Kusari State Police
Fort Wakkanai Hokkaido G3 Kusari Naval Forces
Battleship Sado Tohoku D7 Kusari Naval Forces Guard
Kure Shipyard New Tokyo C3 Kusari Naval Forces Guard
Sigma-21 Gate Construction Site Honshu F8 Deep Space Engineering
Renzu Shipyards Shikoku F6 Interspace Commerce
Planet Manhattan New York C4 Liberty Police, Inc.
Planet Pittsburgh New York F2 Deep Space Engineering
Battleship Missouri New York F5 Liberty Navy
Trenton Outpost New York C4 Universal Shipping
Norfolk Shipyard New York F5 Liberty Navy
Newark Station New York C4 Interspace Commerce
West Point Military Academy New York C5 Liberty Navy
Detroit Munitions New York A4 Ageira Technologies
Fort Bush New York E3 Liberty Police, Inc.
Buffalo Base New York E7 Liberty Rogues
Rochester Base New York C2 Junkers
Baltimore Shipyard New York E3 Deep Space Engineering
Baltimore Shipyard New York E3 Deep Space Engineering
Baltimore Shipyard New York E3 Deep Space Engineering
Destroyer Drunken Codger Texas D6 (-3k below plane) Liberty Rogues
Planet Los Angeles California C4 Liberty Police, Inc.
Planet California Minor California E6 Planetform, Inc.
Battleship Yukon Cortez D3 Liberty Navy
Willard Research Station California D6 Liberty Navy
Battlecruiser Lehigh Bering D3 Liberty Security Force
Alcatraz Depot California F5 Liberty Rogues
Riverside Station California E4 Synth Foods, Inc.
Planet Denver Colorado F4 Liberty Police, Inc.
Battleship Rio Grande Colorado C4 Liberty Navy
Ouray Base Colorado C6 Xenos
Pueblo Station Colorado C5 Ageira Technologies
Planet Houston Texas F4 Liberty Police, Inc.
LPI Huntsville Texas F4 Liberty Police, Inc.
Battleship Mississippi Texas F4 Liberty Navy
Beaumont Base Texas D3 Junkers
LPI Sugarland Texas F5 Liberty Police, Inc.
Prison Station Mitchell Alaska G6 Liberty Security Force
Prison Station Fairbanks Alaska B4 Liberty Navy Guard
Juneau Shipyard Alaska F7 Liberty Navy Guard
Battleship Atum Coronado F7 (-4k below plane) The Order
Kodiak Research Station Alaska F2 Liberty Security Force
Red Station Connecticut H4 pf_08_grp IFF
Blue Station Connecticut H1 Neutral
Gold Station Connecticut D5 Neutral
Green Station Connecticut C4 Neutral
New Haven Station Connecticut E5 Neutral
Freeport 14 Alberta F7 Zoners
Fort McMurray Alberta C4 Liberty Rogues
Camrose Supply Depot Alberta F5 Deep Space Engineering
Airdrie Hideout Alberta H7 (-15k below plane) Lane Hacker Guard
Leduc Station Alberta H3 Ageira Technologies
Philadelphia Station Pennsylvania D3 Liberty Police, Inc.
Bethlehem Station Pennsylvania E2 Zoners
Battleship Gettysburg New London D6 Liberty Navy
Allentown Base Pennsylvania C5 Junkers
Niverton Base Pennsylvania C4 Liberty Rogues
Milford Base Pennsylvania D6 Xenos
Planet Erie Pennsylvania E4 Liberty Police, Inc.
Harrisburg Station Pennsylvania E4 Liberty Police, Inc.
Nauru Omicron Delta F6 The Core
Battlecruiser Wyoming Kepler F5 Wild
Attica Supermax Colorado G6 (-10k below plane) Liberty Police, Inc.
Battleship McNeil Island Colorado G6 (-10k below plane) Liberty Police, Inc.
One Police Plaza Colorado F4 (-2k below plane) Liberty Police, Inc.
Battleship Alma California C4 Liberty Navy
Toronto Station Ontario F5 Deep Space Engineering
Battleship Ottawa New London F4 Liberty Navy
Plymouth Outpost Poole G7 Ageira Technologies
Fort Severn Ontario F1 (10k above plane) Liberty Police, Inc.
Thunder Bay Depot Ontario G3 (5k above plane) Junkers
Fort Ramsey Ontario B5 Xenos
Cochrane Depot Ontario G7 (-3k below plane) Lane Hackers
Morgantown Station Virginia E2 Liberty Police, Inc.
Austin Depot Texas F4 (48k above plane) Universal Shipping
St. Albans Shipping Platform Virginia G4 (1k above plane) Universal Shipping
Beckley Base Virginia C7 Xenos
Battleship Concord Poole G6 Liberty Navy
Richmond Military Academy Virginia G4 Liberty Navy
Marshall Station Bering E7 Liberty Separatists
Radford Research Station Virginia H7 (-10k below plane) Liberty Navy Guard
Washington Shipyard Virginia E7 Liberty Navy Guard
Chesapeake Research Facility Virginia E7 (4k above plane) Liberty Security Force
Arecibo Complex Puerto Rico F2 (-7k below plane) Ageira Technologies
Chesapeake Shipyard Virginia E7 (4k above plane) Liberty Security Force
Manitoba Station Hudson C4 (2k above plane) Bounty Hunters Guild
Culebra Smelter Puerto Rico C3 (-21k below plane) Junkers
Carolina Outpost ??? F2 Liberty Rogues
Vieques Shipyard Puerto Rico C7 (10k above plane) Junkers
The Shrine Unknown F3 Neutral
Asteroid Miner Frankfurt H5 Rheinland Military
Planet New Berlin New Berlin F5 Rheinland Police
Oder Shipyard New Berlin F5 Daumann Heavy Construction
The Ring New Berlin F5 Daumann Heavy Construction
Bonn Station New Berlin C5 Interspace Commerce
Dortmund Station New Berlin D3 ALG Waste Disposal
Essen Station New Berlin D3 Kruger Minerals
Brandenburg Station New Berlin C5 Rheinland Police
Kreuzberg Depot New Berlin C4 Junkers
Battleship Strausberg Sigma-21 E6 Rheinland Military
Kaiserslautern Depot New Berlin C6 Bundschuh
Planet Hamburg Hamburg F3 Rheinland Police
Battleship Westfalen Honshu G5 (-8k below plane) Rheinland Military
Vierlande Prison Hamburg D6 Unioners
Alster Shipyard Hamburg F5 Republican Shipping
Altona Station Hamburg F4 Republican Shipping
Lübeck Border Station Hamburg E7 Rheinland Police
Planet Stuttgart Stuttgart E3 Rheinland Police
Planet Baden Baden Stuttgart F6 Orbital Spa and Cruise
Freiburg Station Stuttgart C3 Republican Shipping
Ulm Border Station Stuttgart A4 Rheinland Police
Konstanz Border Station Frankfurt F4 Rheinland Police
Cruiser Greifswald Omega-3 B5 (2k above plane) Gaians
Battleship Karlsruhe Stuttgart E3 Rheinland Military
Planet Holstein Frankfurt D3 Daumann Heavy Construction
Mainz Storage Facility Frankfurt D3 Republican Shipping
Mannheim Station Frankfurt C6 Kruger Minerals
Fulda Border Station Frankfurt E1 Rheinland Police
Bruchsal Base Frankfurt F3 Bundschuh
Battleship Koblenz Frankfurt B2 Rheinland Military Guard
Schatten Research Facility Frankfurt B2 MND
Leipzig Station Dresden C6 Red Hessians
Bautzen Station Dresden F4 Bundschuh
Geneva Base Puerto Rico F6 (22k above plane) Bundschuh
Vogtland Base Dresden D3 Red Hessians
Battleship Altenburg Omega-7 D4 Rheinland Military
Augsburg Wreck Munich A4 Junkers
New Augsburg Outpost Munich E4 ALG Waste Disposal
Passau Outpost Munich G6 Rheinland Police
Leipheim Base Munich D2 Unioners
Planet Nuremberg Munich G2 Rheinland Police
Ingolstadt Station Munich G2 Republican Shipping
Eltmann Moor Munich A7 Bundschuh
Raubling Station Munich G5 Daumann Heavy Construction
Wuppertal Refinery Cologne E5 ALG Waste Disposal
Heisenberg Research Station Cologne E7 Freelancers
Cruiser Schwarzwald Omega-54 B2 (6k above plane) Unioners
Olpe Border Station Cologne G7 Rheinland Police
Krefeld Base Cologne E3 Unioners
Battleship Bayern Honshu F7 (7k above plane) Rheinland Military
Tennstedt Base Thuringia C2 Bundschuh
Fort Sommerda Thuringia F4 Rheinland Military Guard
Bielefeld Base Sigma-15 G7 Bundschuh
Mecklenburg Station Sigma-15 B6 (2k above plane) Rheinland Military
Battleship Kolleda Sigma-21 C3 (12k above plane) Rheinland Military Guard
Wildau Station New Berlin D6 Rheinland Police
Planet Weimar Thuringia F5 MND
Planet Jiangxi Omega-52 F5 Coalition
Heldrungen Military Prison Thuringia G3 MND
Elbe Station Omega-7 D5 Rheinland Police
Battlecruiser Trier Hamburg B3 (-6k below plane) Wild
Yaren Base Omicron Delta F6 The Core
Freeport 11 Omicron Delta D4 Zoners
Lichtenfelde Complex Omicron Delta E2 (5k above plane) Wild
Dabadoru Station Omicron Delta B6 The Order
Dur-Shurrikun Omicron Iota F6 (1k above plane) Nomads
Altair Research Complex Omicron Iota B4 Wild
The Ravine Omicron Psi D5 Nomads
Cairo Station Omicron Sigma C7 The Order
Battleship Thebes Omicron Mu E6 The Order
Taba Starbase Omicron Mu E6 The Order
Akabat Omicron Mu G3 The Order
Battleship Canaan ??? F7 The Order
Fort Carthage Omicron Epsilon F6 The Order
Nomad Lair Omicron Epsilon B2 (-3k below plane) Nomads
Alexandria Research Station Omicron Epsilon H5 (-3k below plane) The Order