Welcome to DSCore

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What is DSCore?

DSCore, or Discovery Core, is a online utility that provide constanly up to date information about ships, weapons, factions, and... well anything. The main difference between DSCore and similar tools is how it stores and manages data. When ever a new patch is deployed, the tool is able to generate a database to be up to date with the latest changes. The main advantage of this is being able sync data between the client and the server, giving up to date information on things normally inaccessible to the client, like stats of cloaking devices and similar.

Open Source

The source code for this project is available on my GitHub should anyone wish to add to or modify it. I wont pretend the code is perfect, but it's stable enough to not crash every ten seconds, or so I hope. All projects within the solution are targeting .NET Core 2.2.


The creator of this application was me, Laz, but I had help with it.
Massive kudos to Treewyrm. He created GLancer, the tool that allows for the model viewer you see on various pages, and provided assistance with the application design, helping to create this beautiful 'Freelancer' feel.
Kudos to Android_Data, A.K.A. Evanz, for the nice defender icon.